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16 Channel A/D, 4 D/A & 24 Digital I/O USB Unit
Supplied with all plug-in boards, is a software developer's kit (EDR or EDRE)
Extensive LabVIEW support for our data acquisition products
16 Channel 14-bit A/D Multi-I/O PCI Board
Low cost PCI, PC/104 and USB data acquisition for Windows and Linux. Products include analog input, analog output, digital i/o, thermocouple, counter/timer, relay and opto-isolated digital i/o. All data acquisition products are supplied with a software developers kit and our free data acquisition package WaveView for Windows.

> Download DAQ Shortform
> ISA trade-ins - 20% Discount
> Linux and Data Acquisition
> Linux for EDR Enhanced

> PCI-773 RTD / Thermocouple PCI
> PCI-14B 48 Channel Digital I/O
> PCI-730 Low Cost PCI DAQ
> PCI-766 16bit D/A PCI
> PCI-703-32A 32ch A/D Multi-I/O
> PC-43A4 Multi I/O Adpt

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