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PC/104 Plus > Analog Input

PC104+ 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 DIO, Counters & 4x14-bit DACS Multi-function A/D Board - Extended Temperature Range Model (-30 to +85)

  • Analog Input Channels: 16 SE or 8 Diff
  • Resolution: 14 bit
  • A/D Sampling Rate: 100kHz
  • Input Voltage Ranges: ±2.5, ±5, ±10V
  • Analog Output: 4x 14-bit D/A Channels
  • Output Voltage Ranges: ±10V
  • Digital I/O: 24 (3 x 8) TTL Level DIO Channels
  • Counter/Timers: 3 x 16-bit (User)
  • Trigger Modes: Digital External Hardware Trigger or Software Trigger
  • FIFO: 2048 buffer with programmable word count
  • Software Calibration
  • Connectors: 2mm Pitch IDC26 (A/D & D/A); 2mm Pitch IDC40 (DIO)
  • PC/104-Plus Version 1.2 Compatible
  • OS Support: Windows98/ME/2000/XP
  • Linux OS Support
  • WaveView for Windows Data Acquisition & Logging Software
  • Includes EDRE SDK with examples, drivers & example source code
  • Operating Temperature: -30ºC to +85ºC

This multi-function I/O board features 16 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 3 counter/timers and 24 digital input/outputs. Overall analog input sampling speed is 100KHz with 14-bit resolution and ±2.5, ±5, ±10V input voltage ranges.

The PC104PLUS-30I is compatible with our PCI-730 which means users can develop on a desktop using the PCI board and change over to PC104-PLUS for the embedded system. The driver for both boards is identical and connector pinouts are the same.

Each board is supplied with an extensive Windows Software Developer's Kit with support for Windows 98/2000 and XP. We also have full driver support for Linux, with analog, digital & counter/timer commands supported.

For industrial and military COTS applications, the PC104PLUS-30I will operate reliably from -30 to +85degC. This makes the product ideal for integation into a variety of rugged applications including mining, avionics, scientific and heavy industrial.

Each board is temperature cycled for 24 hours and comes supplied with a temperature test certificate.

Ordering Information

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PC104PLUS-30I    PC104+ 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 DIO, Counters & 4x14-bit DACS - Extended Temperature Range Model (-30 to +85°)    Email for pricing     
Optional Accessories

Item    Description    Price    Qty
ADPT-2526    DB25 (F) & IDC26 (M) to 27way Screw Terminal    Email for pricing     
ADPT-3740    DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal    Email for pricing     

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