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PCI Express > Digital I/O

PCI Express Single Lane 40 Line Digital I/O (3x 71055 PIO), 9 interrupts


The PCIe-836C is a PCI Express Digital I/O board based on the industry standard 82C55 PPI Chip. It has 24 channels of digital I/O programmable as inputs or outputs in 3 banks of 8. In addition to this, the PCIe-836C has 1x 16bit high current port, 1x optically isolated line and 8x interrupt sources. These can be extremely useful in instrumentation and control applications.

Compliant with the latest PCIe Express Bus standard, it is suitable for use with most modern PCs. Users will also be happy to know that it is completely pin-compatible with our previous generation of PCI and ISA-bus products. These boards all use the industry-standard DB37 connector.

Communication and control is done via PCI Express and the user access to the DIO and DO channels are done via DB37male and IDC26M/DB25M connectors respectively.


  • PCIe Express Bus (Rev 1.0a) compliant
  • Power Management
  • 24 Channel digital inputs/outputs (3 ports)
  • 82C55 compatible
  • Digital input/output protection up to (+/-12V)
  • 16 Channel high current (20mA) digital outputs
  • 1 Channel opto-isolated external trigger  input
  • 8 Interrupt sources
  • 6 Software controlled pull up/downs


  • Digital Input Voltage: -0.5~12V
  • Digital Output Voltage: -0.5~12V
  • Digital Output Current: +/-2.0mA
  • Storage Temperature: -50~150degC
  • Operating Temperature: 0~70degC
  • Power Dissipation: 10.0W


    • Input High:2.2~5.3V
    • Input Low:-0.3~0.8V
    • Output High:3.7 (5V Typ)
    • Output Low:0.4V (0.0 Typ)
    • Output Source/Sink Current:2.0mA (1.0 Typ)
    • Input Source/Sink Current:-1 to 1
    • Acquisition Speed: 2 to 4 mS


    All EagleDAQ products are supported by the EDR Enhanced (EDRE) Software Development Kit and have operating system drivers for Windows and Linux. The EDR Enhanced SDK provides many examples of all popular programming environments.

    • C++
    • Borland Delphi
    • Borland C++ builder
    • Visual Studio.NET


  • Dimensions: 85 (H) x 130 (L)mm

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