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8 Channel Electro-Mechanical Relay Adaptor Module

  • 8 DPDT Electro-Mechanical Relay Channels (Connected to Portís A; B or C of the Host DAQ PC Cardís PIO or DIO circuitry).
  • For use with PC-43A1/2/3/4 & PC-43D using a 10way 1:1 ribbon cable, as well as other DAQ PC-Cards using a custom made cable.
  • External (+12VDC) power needed to energize the relays (0.56W each = 4.48W Total) = 373mA.
  • High quality screw terminals for easy field wiring.
  • There are four 3.2mm diameter holes for mounting or a DIN-RAIL Mounting Base may be fitted (recommended for quick hassle free installations).
  • Dimensions: 107.5(W) x 143.5(L) x 30(H) mm
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